Teacher:     Oouida Dorr                                                          Grade/Period: 10, 11, & 12 – 2nd, 3rd and 4th periods

3 Pictures that Describe You 

August 26th   –  August 30th, 2019


Assignment: Students will turn in 3 - 8x10 – Color images in Jpeg format of three attributes that MAKE YOU -  you. The images are due Thursday, August 29th and the Reading with Cornell notes are due on Friday, August 30th, 2019



Take a series of images ( 3 – 8x10 images due) of ways to describe yourself, 3 things that make you who you are… images of what defines YOU as a person!


Sub Objectives and State Standards/State PO’s Highlighted

Strand 1: Create – The students will create art/photography that communicates ideas, meanings, and/or purpose.

Strand 2: Relate – The students will analyze and interpret contextual ideas meanings, and purposes of art from diverse cultures and time periods.

Strand 3: Evaluate – Students will draw thoughtful conclusions about the significance of their own art.



Phase One: Do Now


T will:

  • The students will produce a 3 print series of 8x10 images that describe themselves to the viewer.
  • “The Hook” – Having the students be introspective, then share with a shoulder partner who they are through images and then externalize the thoughts with images.


Phase Two – Instructional Scaffolding



Bell work – Write 3 attributes about yourself (Kindness, Loyalty, Creativity, etc.) that make you who you are, tell me how you will take pictures that represent those qualities?


Teacher led Q & A, Demonstration of how to create these prints


Ticket out the Door: What attributes of yourself, really depict who YOU are? (Kindness, Loyalty, Creativity, etc.) Why?

Instructional Strategies & Activities:

T:  (I do) Demonstrate how to create images, in a series of images that represent ME

S Will: (You do) Create 10 excellent photographic images that represent YOU

GW: (We do) Students work individually to create these series of images

Phase Three - Formative & Summative Assessment

Student assessment of personal work through display of examples and rubric

Phase Four – Practice, Apply or Extend Knowledge

Be able to work individually to produce a series of perfectly processed images

Key Vocabulary

Self Awareness

Self Advocacy

Self Efficacy


  1. Watch YouTube video on Self-Efficacy and Motivation
  2. Explore Self-Efficacy through PowerPoint
  3. Create a Criteria Chart
  4. Go over Rubric for self-grading
  5. Talk about the “If You Think You Can” Self-Efficacy Reading and Cornell notes


  • Cell Phones and Computers

Modifications & Differentiation

  • Peer assistance/tutor
  • Direct teach to individual students
  • Extended time for assignments