Teacher: Mrs. Oouida Dorr      

Room 210

928- 634-7531 *2210 


Class Goals

In this class you will be exposed to an in depth exploration of contemporary digital photography using the Elements of Art & Principles of Design as basic structural tools for creating great photographs.  These concepts are the very foundation to success is visual art.  Through these guidelines you will explore light, shadow, color, value, texture and space and other photographic staples.   We will also explore movements in art and art history, including many famous artists and do a research paper utilizing the style of a chosen photographer.  There may be occasion when the human body is used or seen as an art form.  If there are special concerns about this or any other class goal, please contact me.


Teacher Expectations                                          Guidelines to Success

Be on time with supplies and ready to work.          Strive for your personal best!

Use respect.                                                                Operate with integrity.

Follow directions.                                                      Agree to be positive.

Enjoy the moment!                                                   Respect yourself, others & the school.


Supply List

We are trying something different this year, there will be no required supplies for the photography class this year. All the basic supplies will be provided for the students. All photographs are professionally printed – this is being done for photo competitions/shows and is funded through Tax Credit donations. If you would like to contribute to the MUHS Photo Club in place of buying the basic supplies, please contact me or go directly to the MUHS bookstore to contribute to the account in your student’s name! All contributions are highly appreciated!!!



Grades are based on the different assignments criteria; guidelines for each assignment will be clearly created collectively with the students and posted, a rubric will also be supplied.  Art History, classroom participation, & daily or weekly assignments will also be part of the final grade.  If a student gives a 100% effort in class, their grade will directly reflect their effort!  The final for this class is worth 1000 points, all assignments lead to a student’s success on this final, and so attendance and participation are mandatory!


Make Up Work

Make up work will be accepted if a student needs extra time.  This will be determined on an individual basis, with the parents, students and myself all working together to find the most successful solution for each student.


Thank you, & I look forward to a successful semester with each student!