Teacher:     Oouida Dorr                                                                                              Grade/Period: 10, 11, & 12

Fibonacci Sequence Images,

Naturally Occurring Patterns

August 19th – 23rd, 2019

Assignment: Students will create 3 photographs (Jpegs) that contain the Fibonacci Sequence as the compositional layout, these color, sx10, well composed photographs are due on Thursday, August 18th and the Reading with the Cornell Notes is due on Friday, August 19th.


Creating and Photographing naturally occurring patters that contain the Fibonacci Sequence & Composition


Sub Objectives and State Standards/State PO’s Highlighted

Strand 1: Create – The students will create art/photography that communicates ideas, meanings, and/or purpose.

Strand 2: Relate – The students will analyze and interpret contextual ideas meanings, and purposes of art from diverse cultures and time periods.

Strand 3: Evaluate – Students will draw thoughtful conclusions about the significance of their own art.



Phase One: Do Now


T will:

  • The students will see Fibonacci Sequence, Golden Ratio Video, Student Photographs, a power point on The Fibonacci Sequence, create criteria chart and rubric, and answer the Ticket out the Door (day 2 or 3: read article, do Cornell Notes)
  • “The Hook” – View images and video of amazing photographs of naturally occurring patterns of the Fibonacci Sequence and/or the Golden Ratio

Phase Two – Instructional Scaffolding



Hook – See Teacher’s art work containing the Fibonacci sequence

Teacher led Q & A, Demonstration of how to create these photographs

Ticket out the Door: What is the Fibonacci sequence? How does it apply to the world around you? Why?

Instructional Strategies & Activities:

T:  (I do) Demonstrate how to create a Photograph of a pattern with the Fibonacci sequence structure

S Will: (You do) Create an image

GW: (We do) Students work collaboratively with a partner to create an image of the golden ratio or the Fibonacci sequence



Phase Three - Formative & Summative Assessment

Ticket out the Door: What is the Fibonacci sequence? How does it apply to the world around you? Why?

Student assessment of personal work through rubric

Phase Four – Practice, Apply or Extend Knowledge

Be able to work collaboratively to produce images

Key Vocabulary

Fibonacci sequence &

 Golden Ratio

Agenda day one

  1. The Golden Ratio vs The Rule of Thirds 
  2. Watch and discuss PowerPoint
  3. View Slide Show
  4. Discuss reading and Cornell Notes
  5. Create a Criteria Chart
  6. Discuss Rubric
  7. Ticket out the door


  • Cell phones

Modifications & Differentiation

  • Peer assistance/tutor
  • Direct teach to individual students
  • Extended time for assignments