Teacher:     Oouida Dorr                                                                 Grade/Period: 10, 11, & 12


 Visual Rhythms Photographs

Assignment: Monday is the introduction to this assignment. Tuesday and Wednesday are work days in class, and the 3 images are due on Thursday, August 15th you will turn in 3 – 8x10 Black and White images that are solely composed of visual rhythms. Your reading and Cornell Notes are due Friday, August 16th, 2019.

August 12st – August 23rd, 2019


Objective: Photographing Visual Rhythms


Sub Objectives and State Standards/State PO’s Highlighted


Strand 1: Create – The students will create art/photography that communicates ideas, meanings, and/or purpose.

Strand 2: Relate – The students will analyze and interpret contextual ideas meanings, and purposes of art from diverse cultures and time periods.

Strand 3: Evaluate – Students will draw thoughtful conclusions about the significance of their own art.


3.3 Demonstrate work ethics and behavior

3.6 Practice the use of technology & techniques

3.7 Display elements of professionalism

6.0 Explore problem solving and decision making means

6.1 Practice problem-solving processes for a graphic


Phase One: Do Now

T will: Day 1:

  •  “The Hook” – PowerPoint with Visual Rhythms Photographs
  • Bell work: Think about some visual patterns, and where you could find some on campus then write down three examples
  •  Classroom discussion about contrast and the rule of thirds (these photographs will be in black and white)
  • Buddy Buzz with your shoulder partner about your visual patterns and rhythms you can think of…. Shadows, shells, stairwells, etc.


Phase Two – Instructional Scaffolding


The Agenda: Bell work – student lead class discussion on ways to represent yourself through your photographs  


Teacher led Q & A about visual patterns, high contrast, and over saturation of black and white images


  • Ticket out the Door –Write a short reflection about your photographs and the experience of looking for them


Student assessment: Photograph with Rubric


Instructional Strategies & Activities:

T: (I do) Demonstrate taking this type of photograph


S Will: (You do) Photograph and edit on Photoshop or phone a visual pattern photograph

GW: (We do) Students work collaboratively with a partner to create their photographs


Phase Three - Formative & Summative Assessment

Student assessment: Photograph with Rubric

  • Ticket out the Door –Write a short reflection about your photographs and the experience of looking for them


  • Student assessment of personal work through display of examples


Phase Four – Practice, Apply or Extend Knowledge


  • Be able to work collaboratively to design and create photographic images


Key Vocabulary




T:  Display completed photographs

Group W: Bell work and Buddy Buzzes ideas for visual patterns

Team W: Create visual patterns photographs

Formative A: Ticket out the door – Reflection

Final Objective: Create and produce collaboratively




  • Computers and Photo Equipment


Modifications & Differentiation

  • Peer assistance/tutor
  • Direct teach to individual students
  • Extended time for assignments